Whenever I find a new source of information, whether a neat-looking organization or wordy writer that has caught my interest, I always like to check the “About” page first. I want to know where they’re coming from, what their motivation for their service or online presence is, and what makes them different. If you’re reading this, then you’re probably searching for the same. So here goes! Oh, and my name is Adina. Nice to meet ya!

Where is this coming from?

Literally: Canada. Actually? A teacher who loves consuming words and creating them. A Canadian who’s gently proud of her country, and loves wearing a toque whenever she can. A geek who loves a good RPG, Superman comics, the occasional, casual cosplay, and who grew up playing Nintendo. A faith-filled woman who wants to use what’s been given to her, whether it’s a friendly heart, words that are hopefully worthwhile, and anything else that’s worth sharing.

And also someone who loves cheese, whether dairy-based or heart-based.

What is my motivation for having Unfiltered Freckles? Why do I bother?

As it was famously stated in many Spider-man comics and movies, I believe that “With great power comes great responsibility.” Our words have power and if we have the skill to use them, then we should do so to make things better – more hopeful and truthful. Whatever abilities we have we should use to encourage others, lend a hand when needed, and push upwards, rather than pull down. After all, there’s an awful lot of that already around us, isn’t there?

Did that sound cheesy? I’m sorry. Too bad. That doesn’t make it any less true.

I’m certainly not great at this all of the time but I know the importance of striving toward it. I know that when I give up trying to do things I’ve learned to be good, loving, and positive (but not at all blind to reality), then things get just that much dimmer. Both for myself, and others’ lives that I could’ve brightened, even just a bit.

That’s why I bother.

What makes me different?

I think this is something that is a lot more subjective to you, the observer. Test it out for yourself, if you like, but here’s what I think:

Wherever I am (online, in-person), whatever I find myself doing (blogging about sincerity, journalling out my poems, problems, and perspectives, teaching and laughing, listening contentedly to Sunday morning services, playing card games animatedly, being awkwardly social at times yet hopefully personally endearing – the list goes on), I do it all as me: Adina. Wherever you find me, I’ll be me. I’m consistently me. I don’t own a mask that I’m scared to let down, by the grace of God.

Of course, I choose to share differing levels of me with different people and in different situations, because that’s wisdom but when asked a genuine question (and lots of other questions, actually), I will give back a genuine answer.

So, there you are. I hope that gave some clarity and if not, then there’s always this:

“Normal is just a setting on the washing machine.”

“But seek first His Kingdom and His righteousness and all these things will be given to you as well.” Matthew 6:33


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