So, here’s the thing: If you like Superman, Beauty & the Beast, and/or Soy Sauce, we’ll get along swell! If not…well, that’s ok I suppose. I’ll manage 😉 (even if you like onions!). 

Now that the pleasantries are sorted out: welcome to unfiltered freckles! My online abode abounding in grins, geekery, and God. I’m currently teaching English to visiting international students and working and writing and youth pastoring – stumbling and smiling and sailing while I do it. I’m a university graduate with my Bachelor of Arts degree, with a Major in English and a Minor in Creative Writing. In 2016 I spent a year teaching in Pohang, South Korea and it was a crazy and awesome time between adventuring to new places, talking to new people, and keeping up with home. It spun my life around, then grounded it further in faith.

A handful of starter things about me: I’m eternally tethered to Jesus, I stinkin’ love my family (and particularly playing card games with them and my relatives. It gets pretty intense – especially when someone busts out Dutch Blitz!), I really don’t mind spending hours upon hours reading a good story, I’m pretty sure my homeland of Canada is engraved on my soul, kids of so many ages have a spot in my ball of mush that is a heart, I thrive in laughing with my friends at our mutual weirdness, my heart kicks up whenever I go on a “loose-dirt-slipping-over-the-cliffside” kind of adventure (in a good and equally scary kind of way) and if you tell me you haven’t seen Star Wars I may die a little inside, but then I’ll be offering to lend you a copy if you so desire. Anywho.

This blog is a place for things that are real (yes, that includes Superman, because the idea of him is real), that might come off as weird but that actually just might be geeky or uncommon in nature, things draped with feeling or about faith. That’s where this place was born, really: in faith. In faith that I will do something with the skills I’ve been given, and they, in turn, will indeed be used.

At times, I think life is like walking on a slab of ice with cheese for shoes: we’re making our way across the hard stuff, the cold stuff, the slippery stuff, but hopefully with something that is good and tasty and makes whatever it’s poured upon 10x better.

If you like what you find, and if you feel like that cheese metaphor wasn’t TOO cheesy, then follow me! Online, that is. If you like breaking filters – of any kind, I guess – and just being who God created you to be, then I think you’ll like it here.

“Normal is just a setting on the washing machine.”




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