It’s all You.

I’m gobsmacked every time I experience it.

Your Grace diffuses the environment
as Your warm and knitting, uniting hands,
crackling with fiery strength, and
still like a forested fortress,
get to work within me nimbly:

unfurling, uncurling;
undoing, displacing;
untwisting, despiralling;
uncoiling, unfolding;
unravelling, unsnarling;
unbending, unwrapping;
uncreasing, disentangling;
shaking out and rectifying.

Off you go:

neatening, aligning;
flattening, expanding;
levelling, arranging;
composing, correcting;
recovering, refurbishing;
retrieving, revamping;
repairing and reviving.

I’m wordless at how You’re

establishing, boosting;
decreeing, creating;
advancing, rooting;
proving, directing;
covering, coaching;
assembling, perfecting;
increasing, sustaining;
upholding, explaining;
inspiring and blessing.

I’ve been where I was,
and I’m professing
and progressing,
as pilgrims do.
Whatever meandering
or scrambling may pass,
I rest and deeply breathe,
knowing I’ll always be


The One with a surgeon’s hands
(meticulously tender),
He is always
entering and discerning,
removing and stitching,
soothing and applying.

All so that I am
growing and climbing,
soaring and realizing,
using and fulfilling,
inspiring and blessing.
He is all I am,
I’m grinning to say.

It’s quite contrary,
but I’m content to dive back into
the fray –
braving messy threads –
as long He knits me back

beyond pieces and into His peace.

Feb/May 2019

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