Previously Published:

This collection of poems and analogies was published in February of 2013 through my home church. The leadership felt these writings would encourage people and that I had been given them for just such a purpose; I agreed. The staff – literally my friends and family – helped enormously in editing and sewing together a decent collection of writings I had produced until then, forming them into a lovely in-house publication that I’m still greatly honoured by.

In posting these early writings of mine, it feels like I’m airing my written laundry but I know that’s just my pride speaking. At first, I wanted to return to these – revamp and fine-tune so much until it would’ve removed the DNA of my past words. I didn’t, though, because I think there’s something to be said for the first fruits of anything. I’m sure I’ll look back on what I’m currently writing in a similar fashion, and it will be worth neither more or less.

These are the writings of a young girl who wrote what she felt and knew to be true. She was innocent in her talents, simplistic in her yearnings, and maybe more prosaic and lacking in style, but never heart. Here are the simply sculpted words of a girl who loved (and loves) her God. These are the feelings and ideas that He laid within her as she studied, laughed and thought – the latter perhaps a bit too much at times.

I dedicate this to my greatest supporter, Jesus. He is the one who sowed it, has grown it, and will harvest it.

Previously Written: 

I have never stopped writing since I discovered my love for it, though the frequency has dipped and risen numerous times over the years. These writings have mostly been formed since that collection, and sometimes it was out of pure emotion and thoughts which burst or overflowed. Other times they were written  for or born out of an assignment for the many writing classes I took in university. Either way, they were writings revealing my experiences and my view, my heart and my surroundings. I’ve always enjoyed sharing my writings, whether it was to encourage, entertain or to educate or explain – the latter usually concerning myself. If people enjoy reading my accounts or writings and are able to glean something from them – super! I’ll know I’m doing something right.