Hello! Bonjour! 안녕하세요! Hola! 

You’ve just stumbled…well…somewhere! I’ve just moved in here, you see, so I still don’t know my way around. Still putting up posters, moving the furniture around, and the like, but I guarantee there will something Superman on the walls soon enough, something Canadiana, something silly, and something inspiring and something faithful. And a lot more, of course!

Oh, yes! My name’s Adina, in case you really did happen to stumble here and weren’t directed  by an over-eager, almost-university graduate, almost-teacher. I’m almost a lot of things right now, but am also pretty geeky, fairly silly when I have too much coffee, and rather introspective, even when I don’t need to be.

So this blog, this site, this…collage of online creation, it’s going to be my channel of communication as I begin to leap and fumble and leap some more through the coming stage of my life overseas and beyond! I’ve never blogged before, but I’m a writer – however fledgling – and a teacher and I love being myself. Or weird, or real; however you’d like to try and peg it. I’m sure I’ll be steady most times and a bit more floppy at others, and that might not sound very convincing. Because it’s not. And all I can think about right now is how I started a sentence with “because.” But I know this blog is going to go somewhere and if you decide to check in on it now and again, you’ll see it – trust me.

I should also say one more, pretty important thing: I really dislike pretending to be something I’m not, or trying to hide or smooth over other things – like how many hours I stood in line to meet Nathan Fillion, or that I’ve shed tears during strange moments in movies, or that I went to a Christian school from grade K to 12, and loved it! Those are all who I am! And there’s no shame in being who God created you to be, and loving it. Hence, “unfiltered freckles.” I’ve never thought my freckles (literal and metaphorical) were something to hide, and I still don’t. They’re beautiful, they’re mine and they’re fun!

So, what do you say? Shall we break some filters?


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