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I was originally going to write about something else today, something I’d been thinking of the past week that was going to be another fun post draped with inspiration and chuckles. Instead, real life happened and I found myself not in the right frame of mind to sincerely write that particular post. As I once heard said: “Things are not all going to be unicorns on marshmallow clouds pooping skittles.” I like that saying a lot. Maybe too much.

I thought about avoiding posting today, but I’ve resolved to make this a weekly thing. It may be shorter today, and I may have to dig out my mental pick axe but it will definitely be worth it. Plus, writing is often somewhat therapeutic for people.

I will also confess, I spoke the words, “I’m grumpy,” today, and am still in the process of trying to prove myself wrong but don’t worry! unfiltered freckles isn’t going completely unfiltered today.

That will probably be a post for another time: remaining joyful, even when I don’t feel like, and sometimes completely failing at it and at other times utterly prevailing. For now, I must mention that I currently have this wonderful song by Rend Collective on repeat, because I need its true and buoyant words to penetrate my thick skull. I’ve done this numerous times in the past, and I’m still not sick of this song. I know: I don’t quite know how either, but they’re a great group who makes meaty and bright music. That probably has something to do with it. So, I just have to recommend them!

Anyhow, this is all a part of what I wanted to include in this blog: all the parts of real life. The parts where life is so great, it seems to have a soundtrack, the parts where I laugh so hard I sound like an 80-year-old man, the parts here and there where I’ve crumbled like a cookie in milk, and the parts where all that milk is drained away, the cookie sludge is scooped up and made new again. I could just choose to write about all the fluffy stuff, but that’s not going to stand on its own. This blog was created from a desire to be real and to share that with others, so this is me being real and a little tired. And now, in a better mindset than when I started.

I could probably go deeper in this, but I think that’s better left for another time, and a more caffeinated Adina.

Currently, there’s leftover Chinese food in the toaster oven and my family calling me to watch Netflix. I can’t really say no to that, so: Adios!

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