And BAM! Just like that almost 2 weeks have gone by!

It’s Easter Sunday today! A day that is filled with 3 awesome things: joy, love and freedom, which I think is encapsulated fantastically in this song: “Greater” by MercyMe.

Right now, it’s one of my anthem songs. What I mean by that is this: songs that I listen to (and, sing along to many times, because I can’t help myself!), remind myself of, and try to live out. They’re songs that pump me up, either when I’m already elated or when I’m deflated. They’re songs that spread the joy and love and freedom of faith in Jesus! They’re songs that I turn to when I know I just need an extra reminder of who I am and who my God is. They’re reminders of all the inexplicable things God has done and provided for me, despite how enormously imperfect I am, that it’s okay. They remind me of Jesus. They’re melodies that sift my soul and blanket my mind.

You could say that I’m dependant on this Jesus, and I would tell you that I wouldn’t have it any other way. You could argue that it’s my own life, and if Jesus wants it He can show up and take it himself, and I would say that He already did. You could look at me a little funny, shake your head and walk off. Or you could stick around and see how much I smile, how imperfect I am, how free I am able to live my life, knowing what indeed is true. You could see that Easter is the reason I can live my life both crazy and quiet for Jesus, not caring what anyone thinks, because someone loved me enough to die for me.

Now there’s a keeper.

It’s oddly odd how everything else in life simply crumbles when compared to what a carpenter did a couple thousand years ago. Funny, that.

He’s what’s utterly important to me: I’m here because of Him, to love and be real and who He made me to be. I can do this because of the incredible, indelible and positively audacious amount that He loves me, and the freedom and grace that makes me more than Superman ever could be.

“I am learning to run freely // Understanding just how he sees me // And it makes me love him more and more // He’s greater”

Greater by MercyMe


  1. Good word Adina, I also loved being encouraged by great songs like that as well. Your words ring true about how blessed we are to have connection with our savior who loves us more than we can comprehend. You just preached a sermon on line, from Korea, awesome!!!

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