This is the first in a series of posts of “Previously Published” writings that were a part of a collection produced in-house by my church, earlier in my writing life. For the prelude to this series, please see this page

This analogy, in particular, was the first one I did and I’ve completed a decent handful since then. Each one was particularly meaningful and enjoyable/cathartic to write. Perhaps because I realized I was writing out of my purpose, for I know this is a facet of what my ability to write was meant for. 

I’m slowly trudging through deep, biting snow in the midst of a howling blizzard. My feet and limbs are heavy with weariness and uncertainty. Lack of purpose and point lead me in circles as the snow swirls round and round, not knowing where to settle. It’s hard to see anything clearly with blackness all around me while the snow clings to me, weighing me down and making me colder than my unforgiving surroundings already have. The wind whispers to me, saying that it’s no use – I should just give up and give in to my certain fate because it doesn’t matter anymore. The whirling storm envelops me so that I can see nothing else. It grabs on to me with its vicious nature and seems to hide my very existence. I want to – need to – find my way, but it seems impossible. I’m hopelessly lost and don’t know which way to turn because every direction seems to lead into the vast unknown of despair.

As the edges of my vision begin to darken and I just about decide to succumb to the bitter cold and nothingness, something causes my head to turn. I glimpse a light in the distant darkness – just a glow, but it catches my attention and I feel something inside me tugging me onward. I squint and peer into the black trying to make it out as another blast of icy air and stinging snow try to cloud my sight. I don’t know what it is because all I’ve ever known is darkness. Curious and cautious, I start to move toward the mysterious source. As I continue I encounter a foreign feeling: hope. As my soul tells me, “Yes! Go! This could be what you’ve been looking for,” the storm flares up and seems to swallow the faint light momentarily. But it’s too late, I’ve already glimpsed something far greater than what I know, and I’m not letting go of it that easily. I press through the barrage, forcing myself to forget what’s behind me and look onwards. As I move toward where I saw that light full of promise, it comes back into view. 

Slowly but surely, with hopes for the future and escaping the eternal darkness and despair of the storm I’m lost in, I persevere. It’s not easy, but as I draw closer the chill inside me starts to lessen and I find myself wrapped cozily in the thickest, warmest, most heavenly blanket I’ve ever known. My limbs and heart slowly thaw and I find I’m standing straighter, stronger, and surer. I know the only reason I’ve made it this far, that I’ve been able to endure, is because I’ve been given a boost; there’s something feeding me strength and an expectation for greater things. The snow melts away from me and the cruel storm begins to dissipate. My pace quickens and motivation fills me like a spring that’s just been unplugged. I can see the light more clearly now and I know it represents all things good and whole. My soul is excited as the way grows brighter, and I find this new feeling of hope exhilarating. My path turns from a dark, snowy and barren rock to fertile, rich soil with flourishing vegetation overflowing the sides and light shining all around. It becomes so bright and warm that my head is forced to look up, where my eyes befall the most glorious sight I know there is and I realize I have finally found my way. Standing before an old and rugged, bloodstained wooden cross, I see a timeless monument to everlasting love and sacrifice. Now I know, with a heart teeming with love, thankfulness, and peace, I am home.

January 2012

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