“Hear ye, hear ye!

Let it be known that the blogger & writer known as Adina and/or Adinade is getting down to business.”

Not to defeat the notorious Huns, though. That’s Mulan’s job.

Any returning readers will notice the updated website, as that has been Step #1 in “getting down to business.”

Step #2 is working with another party to have my very own cover photo designed for my blog. Like I said, I’m getting serious. I’m also excited – enough so to drop and smash a cup this morning and then not even care that it broke.

Step #3 has been working on polishing my blog further and making it more…marketable.

I don’t know why, but I don’t like saying that word. I guess, in a sense it feels like I’m filtering my freckles, like I’m altering bits of who I am to make them more appealing for the general public. I understand that’s all fine and dandy to a certain point – especially in writing, since you’re writing for your readers and you don’t want them to sift through all your word vomit and find the good bits by themselves. I just don’t yet know where that line is, but I’ll find it.

Step #3 has been researching my little brains out concerning copyright issues, blogging and writing professionally, which has always been my end goal.

Here are some of the sites I’ve found helpful for any fellow bloggers looking to go even further, or at least thinking about it:

Smart Blogger

Make a Living Writing

Daily Blog Tips


It’s all a little overwhelming at times, really, but that’s okay. I’m learning. I don’t know exactly when in my future I’ll be blogging “professionally,” but I’ll get there – and who knows? Maybe even soon! I’ve dreamed of writing in so many different ways and times, and for the last number of years, that purpose in dreaming has been to encourage and share with others. I’ve no idea if it will turn into a full-fledged career, but I’m leaving that to Jesus.

I’m leaving a lot of things to Jesus lately, which is the way it should always be, ideally. But I’m a human and honestly, sometimes I forget to remember that I’m not Supergirl, nor do I need to try to be. We all know that, right? We don’t need to be Superman or Supergirl but somewhere inside, we still try to be. We still try and do it my ourselves, and prove that WE can do it. Then the time inevitably comes where we’re sitting on our rump, actually realizing that, we can’t – only He can. Maybe we’ll realize it for the first time, perhaps for the 10th, 25th, or the 100th time.

This is what I’ve been practicing saying to myself in light of that – and carrying out – during this past week: Philippians 2:13 “for it is God who works in you to will and to act in order to fulfill his good purpose.” (NIV)

This verse has helped me to just be, and to be in Him. It’s not as precisely formulaic as I’d prefer, but it is straightforward. Sweet and simplistically so.

Just be.

Just be you and love Jesus more than anything else.



  1. I love that phrase…forget to remember. Yep, we all need to be reminded…it’s great to have direction and get going but only the grace of God (grace: the power of God working in you and through you to make you all that he designed you to be so that you can do all that he has for you to do) gets you putting one foot in front of the other ever single day. Sometimes we just need someone to say it…without God you are nothing.

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  2. Looking forward to seeing the new changes in the blog! Im sure it will be in a grrat direction!! I’ve thought about becoming more “marketable” myself, but I also feel like I’ve gotten a niche that I love and have gone with it, plus I feel good about where Jesus has me with it. I’ll have to check out those sites you listed for good tips too!! God bless!! 🙂

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    1. Thanks! Yeah, finding a niche… that’s something I may have to reevaluate. It certainly does seem like you’ve found yours, though. I always enjoy those devos. Blessings right back at you 🙂

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  3. Greetings from Dad,
    Sounds like your” going to the mattresses”, getting down to business, a classic quote from the godfather. Sounds good Adina. I’ll buy the first 20 copy of your book when it comes out, you know , to get the ball rolling.
    Keep on having fun Adina. I leave yout with that old saying ” if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life”

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