This is part of a series of posts of “Previously Published” writings that were a part of a collection produced in-house by my church, earlier in my writing life. For the prelude to this series, please see this page

This next poem is the 2.0 version I redid for inclusion on another project, with the base version being penned in 2012.

The Abnormality of Normal

I see people who try to squeeze themselves into a certain shape,

Fashioning themselves to fit a non-existent mould labelled ‘normal;’

Like a devoted adventurer seeking an ancient treasure built only by its lore,

These seekers find this fabled ambition to be a thunderless myth.  


Now in a formula, different values give different results,

And I think that’s how life is.

Each person enters in their own individualities, absolute as fingerprints,

And what emerges is far from default.


‘Normal’ is the formula – not the result or the goal,

For each of us fits perfectly inside our own frame.

The outcome of this formula cannot be recreated, nor should it,

For we are not 10 cent photocopies, but rare pieces created on canvas.

March 25, 2014


Remember Who You Are

I’m not of this world,

But only in it.

Sometimes I feel so foreign,

But I must remember to keep my light lit.


To be content in any and every situation,

Is to do all things through Him who gives me strength.

Even when we don’t feel like having joy,

We must, at any length.


If I feel forgotten in a Godless atmosphere,

It’s only because I’ve forgotten who I am.

Amidst all God’s creation and the world’s happenings,

I am a child of God; the apple of His eye.

January 31, 2012


Yes, that title refers to that scene in the Lion King, because no matter what we’ve done we’re always a child of His.

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