This is my take on the ‘Recipe for Christmas Joy.’ This is part of a series of posts of “Previously Published” writings that were a part of a collection produced in-house by my church, earlier in my writing life. For the prelude to this series, please see this page


Recipe for Christmas Joy

  • a handful of Hugs & Kisses
  • a pinch of Excitement
  • several cups of Laughter
  • a pound of Giving
  • a tablespoon of Peace
  • a teaspoon of Christmas Sparkle
  • a dash of Innocence
  • a pan full of Family
  • a bucket of Love
  • the Secret Ingredient

To start, mix together a handful of Hugs & Kisses and a pinch of Excitement. Once blended, add several cups of Laughter. Then slowly but firmly mix in a pound of Giving while sprinkling a tablespoon of Peace. Throw in a teaspoon of Christmas Sparkle and a dash of Innocence. Then let it cook in a pan of Family for a season. Once cooked, let it soak in a bucket of Love until it’s saturated. Now many people stop here, but they are missing the most important part: the Secret Ingredient, which is Jesus! So make sure to mix Jesus throughout the whole batch, and then you’re guaranteed long lasting Christmas Joy.

Serves: all



December 2011

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  1. Looks like a great blend of qualities, and of course nicely wordsmithed together Adina.
    Always proud of your work, you know that looks like a great Christmas sermon illustration. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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