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Unusual, by Francesa Battistelli

When I listened to this song last week, I immediately loved it. Actually, that started when I read the title since it carries a lot of what I feel my life is.

When the first line hit my ears, “Everybody laughed at you // For doing what you’re supposed to do,” I was having high school flashbacks and smiling, because these lyrics had it pegged, and because many of the decisions I made in high school, I’m still satisfied with. Unusual, I know.

Even now in my life, I still identify with this song a lot! Add in comic con, less being-made-fun-of, a growing security in who I am in Christ, but still a lot of unusualness, and here I am.

My favourite line is: “You’re the zebra at the pony show.”

And BANG! That one sentence basically sums up a lot of my life, I find. Whether it’s because I’ve been involved volunteering in my church since I was twelve, because I choose not to curse, because I choose not to drink, smoke, etc., because I choose not to watch or listen to some media because of its content, or because I choose to conduct my days choosing things that do not come naturally to me (because some of those things certainly don’t come naturally!). So if I’m a zebra at a pony show, it’s certainly because I’ve chosen the zebra life, so to speak. And that’s a decision I’m more than satisfied with!

Please note: these choices I’ve made are also my own, personal ones. They’re what I’ve deemed best for myself, in accordance with my faith. I’m not trying to condemn or direct what others do, whether Christian or not, or put myself higher than anyone, because I’m not. (Many times I shy away from talking about such things because I don’t want people to feel condemned by hearing about my personal choices, but I’m realizing that a better option is to still share them when the opportunity comes, but ensure it’s done in love. I’m not responsible for how other people feel, but I am responsible for my words and actions, and the way and wisdom in which I convey and conduct them.)

Also, there’s a line in the song about being set apart, and it is true. I am set apart. Everyone who finds themselves in Christ is set apart, for Him. It sure doesn’t mean we’re better, but it does mean we’ve chosen a certain life – a life dedicated to Christ (a life of service to others, really). It means a life full of choices of how we’re going to live and love for Him, and this is how I’ve chosen to do it, and I’m free to do so.

Whew! That was kind of a lot on that topic, but I’m glad I’m taking the time to think out the words and share them. I’m also glad you’re taking the time to read them, so thank you.

Okay, so I just can’t get over how much of this song resonated with me: “What’s up with all these shades of gray // The difference should be night and day.” This is exactly how I feel about my faith. (Nevermind that I’m a very black & white person.) I believe my choices should make me unusual, in a Christ-like way. Again, this can loop back to my previous few paragraphs.

So unusual…unafraid and unashamed. Those three sure seem to go together…For example: I’m unashamed to freely admit I have a stormtrooper helmet, superman pillow case and Bible at home; I’m unashamed to tell about how I grew up in church, and can’t work on Sundays because I still go every week; I’m unafraid to speak sincerely to a co-worker, and share some things about my faith and what I believe. I’m unafraid to smile at random people, hold the door for them, or stop and help them pick something up.

Sometimes it’s harder to say or do some of those things, but those are usually the most rewarding times. Sure, once a while those times may blow up in my face, but I’d rather have shared a bit and made an extra effort rather than having kept to myself. I’m generally not an over-sharer (unless you know me really well. Those are the people going, “Heck no!”), or an over-doer, so taking the opportunities to use some courage and say or do something meaningful in a general situation is a good idea for me.

I just love this song (and the whole album, If We’re Honest) because I love being who Jesus made me to be! I’m unusual, beautiful, and loving Him. Wouldn’t have it any other way.

“Standing up for Jesus’ name
Just let them call you strange
I call you brave, unique and set apart
A masterpiece, a work of art
Living out what you believe
Being who you’re made to be
I love to see the way that you are so
You’re so unusual
I think you’re beautiful
You’re so unusual.”

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