Hey there.

I’m here today, punching in words through a stickered keyboard because I know I need to be. I know that I need to be obedient in writing and share this idea, but I don’t know where to start.

Maybe here, with these song lyrics:

“I am bold, no fear inside
Spread my wings, open my life
Like an eagle, whose home is the sky
I’m gonna catch the wind

Like standing on the edge of a mountainside
I can feel the wind stirring, lifting me up high
I was born into freedom, I was made to fly

I am strong and full of life
I am steadfast, no compromise
I lift my sails to the sky
I’m gonna catch the wind.”

Catch the Wind – Jonathan David Helser, Melissa Helser

I’ve heard this song before, but just like many other songs, it’s taken a span of time for the truth-powdered words to really grip me. Make that truth-powdered and goodness-oozing, just like a jelly-filled donut. (Yes, I’m going there. You know you like it. So do I.)

These lyrics, trembling with excitement, drew a few realizations from me – the most share-able being that, right now, I’m in an adventure. Right now, right here in my small-ish hometown.

It sounds simple, I know. It is, but it’s something I really needed to hear.

Over the past couple months doing some international contract teaching in my city, I’ve been working with people from all over the world who’ve come to Canada to learn language and culture. It’s been an awesome two months, meeting all kinds of new people and cultures. I’ve been able to continue sharpening my teaching skills, support myself, and make new connections (more on that awesomeness in a different post). But…

Somewhere along the way, perhaps in the midst of simultaneously searching for steadier work, I started accumulating fears, like soggy leaves in a gutter. I’m pretty sure they were just as rank too! Somewhere in the job hunting, between “That job looks interesting…” and concluding, “I couldn’t do that,” I had started accepting lies. And I didn’t even realize it. I thought I was simply “evaluating” myself in terms of that job. What I forgot to do was also evaluate myself in terms of what God has equipped me to do, what He says I can do, and what experiences and lessons He’s already brought me through.

It wasn’t long before those secretly held lies, like itchy mosquito bites that I just kept scratching unconsciously, started isolating me from Him. When you start believing lies that differ from what your Creator says about you, that’s usually what happens. Sometimes it goes on for way too long, and those lies get entrenched, digging deep (and especially deeper when we take ourselves out of and away from existing good influences). Sometimes, it’s only for a bit and they’re easily uprooted because you’ve continued to surround yourself with good, truth-filled things such as church, Godly friends and family, and, in my opinion, uplifting entertainment.

The latter was the case for me. What it took to bust me out of those lies was opening myself up to Jesus once more, being honest with where I was at, getting some solid input from a faith-filled friend and mentor who called those lies out for what they were, putting on some good tunes, journalling, and just drawing near Him. Trusting Him to draw me near.

It’s amazing how immediate the effects of that were! Later that same night, I was talking to Him about what to do with a certain thing in my life, and a clear thought came that I automatically knew, just knew, was from Him: submit it.

If this was the result of getting myself once again aligned with Jesus (which it was), I felt as though I never wanted to get misaligned again! I’ve felt like this numerous times, and numerous times I’ve both carried it and dropped it.

It takes a great amount of simple work to walk close to Him, and just trust Him – for everything. To submit everything, constantly, to Him. That’s what it takes for me.

It hasn’t always, but as I’ve grown more and learned more and more about Him and His presence and His plans for me (which I still wish I knew more of, but hakuna matata!), I’ve wanted to give Him more and more and more. I’ve needed His help in ever increasing amounts.

At times, I’ve wondered if that meant I’ve become weaker, but I’ve also realized that’s a lie too. It simply means I’ve become stronger – in Him. And I’ve come to grin buckets more at those simple earthly ironies that He peppers life with. Being stronger by embracing weakness? *grin*

All this adventure in busting up the lies in my life and laughing at how simple it really is (once I had seen it), is just that: an adventure.

I’m in an adventure right now, living in my hometown and not knowing where/when my next job will be. I’m in an adventure right now, figuring out how to keep closest to Jesus and extracting all the joy I can from where He’s placed me right now.

It’s gotten especially exciting as of late, as I find myself again standing on the edge of a cliff, with pebbles running away down the mountainside. Something new, something good is about to happen. Easy or difficult, I have no clue, but I know in my spirit that it’s coming. Between the things I’m reading, the people I’m talking to, and His prompts that I’m searching for, I know this adventure is about to amp up.

It’s got me excited! But it’s also got me steadying myself since I know that if I want to rise further on these stirring winds of adventure, this gentle tornado, then I’m going to need to stick closer to Him than ever.

Right now, there’s a windstorm swirling stronger and stronger in front me, and in front of you too. I think He’s doing something new for a lot of people, right now, and if that’s you, then I encourage you to catch that wind! Step into it, but know that to rise with it, you have to submit to it.

The awesome thing is, with this adventure, you have a guarantee of jumping into one hair-mussing, grin-building, book-worthy, good-ending time. Just make sure you grab His hand and follow it. Submit your time, your whims, your dreams, your words and actions to Him.

I’ll try to do the same.

“Do or do not. There is no try.”

Thanks, Yoda. Scratch that. I will do the same.

I hope this fearless adventure inspires you, as it has me. If this has resonated with you, I’d love to hear about it.

Oh! One more thing: can I ask you to pray for me, as this adventure rises? I’d love to do the same for you.

“Your faithfulness will never let me down
I’m confident I’ll see Your goodness now
I know You hear my heart, I’m singing out
There’s nothing that can stop Your goodness now”

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