I’ve started writing a series of blog posts for my church’s blog, Kamloops Full Gospel Blog. As the Youth Pastor, I’m writing every couple weeks or so about various ways the world is wonderful! It’s right up my alley, so to speak!

I wanted to share the links to them here, to share them with anyone who follows Unfiltered Freckles. In the future, I’ll continue to update new ones here. I am still working on writing my regular posts for UF, but I’ll admit that is sporadic right now. I’ve just begun working on my Bachelor of Elementary Education, in order to become a fully licensed teacher, so I’m a little busier than usual!

Here’s the link to the whole series thus far.

The first one was introductory, speaking of how searching for the goodness in things is not just any flimsy thought.

The second was on clich├ęs, and how Jesus isn’t one of them.

The third was on laughter, and how amazingly crazy and wonderful it is.

And if you like, there’s another series on the Psalms to explore there also!




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