What do you think of when you hear the word, “freckles”? I think of hot summer days, of smiling, of beauty in alleged imperfection, of Anne of Green Gables, of youthfulness, of creativity, and individuality.

What do you think of when you hear the word, “unfiltered”?

I think of unfettered, unrestrained, free, truthful, unhindered, raw, whole, imperfect, pure, and sincere.

I hoped that putting these two words together would help convey things along those lines, and in turn, I hope that in the future, people who know me (or even beyond, perhaps) start to think of the heart and spirit behind this digital abode.

And it is just that – an online home for ideas and experiences that I believe are worth sharing, expanding on, and setting out clearly. I find that describing this as a blog doesn’t ring quite right for me, because it’s more than just a log of things personal to me (though it is also that).

This site – location, a place staked by me, claimed for my purposes – is like a giant window to the lobby of my life. I’ve designed it to display what I wish to share with those visiting, or who happen to pop their head in. They can choose whether to stick around or keep moving on. They can choose whether to relax and enjoy some hospitality, or say, “Nah, not my style.” They can choose to knock on the next door, leading further inside, and see how their knock is answered.

This living-room-lobby is, primarily, where I will share the words that I craft, hone, and sculpt into things ringing of what’s already deep within us, but that maybe we just needed a reminder of or a fresh gaze at. It’s place for poetry and prose, captured moments, lessons learned and shared, wisdom tripped on, narratives splayed out, sincere, earnest thoughts, and faith draped in heart.

All I know is that God has given me words to use, and when I use them, good things happen (I expect that applies to more than just me!). When I consistently use my words, wound with faith, it’s like my spirit flows fresher than ever. This also happens in other ways with other things in my life, such as my ability to teach. It’s something I know was given to me to use for God, and so when I do, the puzzle piece that is me fits just that much better.

Unfortunately, this place has been neglected this past year more than I’d like it to have been, and it’s so easy to just say, “Well, it was a busy year,” (which it was) and leave it at that. I want to do more than just “be busy,” but also make time for writing new (and more regular) creative, and life-giving things – even if I’m the only one receiving any life from it.

So, whether this place hosts an overflow of awkward and nerdy excitement, thoughtfully sewn together words, or a raw experience filtered through freckles and my personal lexicon, you can expect to find goodness of some fashion here. If you don’t then feel free to tell me as much!

Thank you to those that have followed this journey up to now, and a tip of the hat to those that may.

Until then, I endeavour to continue delivering unfiltered freckles, by the face-full.

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