So, I’m now in South Korea!

This’ll be short since Orientation is kicking into gear. And besides, I need to learn that it’s OK to do short – but sweet – posts.

Our bus from Incheon airport got in last night, and, with some help, I hauled all my crap to my room. I ended up having…4…No! Wait! 3 1/2 checked bags. Yeah, that sounds better. Between Air Canada being super picky about the weights, and me needing to bring a year’s worth of clothes and shoes….yeah, it was worth it. Luckily, I also had a buddy on my flight to Seoul, so I didn’t have to do all these new things alone.

The food is great, thus far! Except for this super fishy soup, during which I was chanting, in my head, “fishy is good, fishy is good, fishy is good…” As you can tell, I’m not a super fan of fishy things. Directly afterward, I dumped the few bits I didn’t eat into the wrong bin, accompanied by an expressive chorus of, “No no no!” from the person manning the “return your dishes and dispose of your garbage/food waste in the appropriate places,” area. Ah well. Guess I’m still a noob for now.

I’ve also had to tell some people in my group what a toque is. Luckily, there is a small swathe of Canadians as well. Our whole group staying at this University for Orientation numbers about…130? We’re one of 3 different orientations, staggered over yesterday, today, and tomorrow, and in different locations.


This is the view from our dorms bottom floor. I don’t have many pictures yet…

I practically cried when I found there was no coffee during breakfast, and then practically cried again when I found a little coffee shop on the bottom floor of our dorm. Yay for coffee! And new friends!

All in all, so far, so good! I’ve already been chumming with a handful of people, and making connections! Introverted win! Some of them are going to the same province as me, so I’m going to try and stay connected. One has already expressed wanting to travel with someone else, so another win! I’m pretty happy with myself. Introvertedly speaking.

I have to end by saying this, though: I have been extremely blessed thus far! I haven’t forgotten anything major (thus far), all my luggage arrived intact, and I dodged some bullets in ordering certain things ahead of time and made things easier for my arrival. I’ve already made some friends and have been seeing the numerous ways in which God has prepared the way for my journey and time here. I’m not meaning this in a, “Oh, God has blessed me because I’ve been so righteous,” kind of way. Just wanted to clarify that for any readers who don’t actually know me personally, because that’s not me. The only reason for any righteousness in my life is because of God, and what he’s given me. And it’s because I asked for it and He would give it to anyone else as well in a second, because that’s who He is. He’s pretty super. So: props to Jesus!

Until I happen to get some more free time later, and when my fingers aren’t starting to freeze: 안녕히 계세요! [good-bye!]


  1. Awesome! So glad you diving into your long awaited adventure with such a wonderful trust and hope. It’s exciting to hear this in your writing. Keep up the good work at keeping it real.

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  2. Sounds like a heap of fun for you already! Yeah for budding friendships! Yeah for coffee (although I’m secretly hoping you turn into a tea snob like me)! And yeah for fish!…maybe – if it’s a yummy fish! So excited for you. Are you taking pictures of your fishy food?
    Love you!!

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  3. Awesome to hear Adina. Nope never ever figured you to be the self righteous type. You are all about Jesus and he shines through you. Thanks for showing your kindness in such a humble way. (And that is well meant and not to taken to be taken as sarcasm. I have the gift of encouragement and realize I can be overbearing if not explained.) So glad to hear of your safe arrival and can see your bubbly smile in your writing. Can’t wait to hear more of your adventure.

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  4. Such great informative writing for someone like me who is so looking forward to learning about a country I do not know much about. Stretch us all through you Adina in the realization this country needs to see Jesus too! We are His love walking in our shoes. Bless you girl. Love always with much prayer. P. Shirley ❤️

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  5. Good to hear your having fun and that you’ve hunted down a coffee shop close by, that’s always nice, also that you’ll have a buddy in your province to go exploring with ! All sounds like fun, keep up the good work,holiday,adventure whatever well call it , and yes Adina I agree, you are blessed and God is great !!!
    Greetings from Dad

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  6. Oh, so very exciting for you…new adventures await. I am left a little curious as to which things you might have remembered to preorder and bring into the country with you that make you feel especially blessed to have.

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