I love telling stories about my family. Partly because I love them (okay, a large part) but also because there’s just some super great stories! Lots of them hilarious, lots of them with feels, lots of them just…good.

How playing Dutch Blitz in my family (immediate, and cousins and aunties and uncles) can get really intense. And loud. And physical. No drinks are allowed on the table. Potentially injurious rings need to be removed. Cards need to be shuffled thoroughly and dealt just so. It gets serious, but we have a great time too…Honestly! 

That one time I was drinking some water at the end of the table after dinner, my Brother said something ridiculously funny, and, well…I spewed. All across the length of the table. It wasn’t a small table either. I don’t even remember what he said! (Or how I managed to get that distance.) 

When my Brother got a new graphics card, he practically sent out a birth announcement, sending me all these pictures of him hugging his newly put together desktop and talking about a new addition to the family. 


How my Dad went to the local Tim Hortons (popular Canadian coffee/food chain) where I worked, and often enough that most of the employees knew him by name. “Adina, your Dad’s here!” Or, at other times: “Adina, your Grandma’s here!” She loves Timmys too.

How my Mom has a tickle trunk (or 5) at home with a variety of costumes. It was great fun growing up. People still visit to borrow various pieces for events/costumes. We call her, “Mrs. Dressup.”

How when I was young, I was so proud of the fact that everyone in my family was involved in our Church’s local production of the Easter story, AKA “Passion Play.” Except it wasn’t just my Church. It involved 16 local churches, 400 cast & crew members, live animals, and special effects. It was more than 13 years strong before the driving forces conducting it moved on, and at the end of the play’s lifespan my Mom and Aunt ran the costume dept., my Grandma was in the ticket office, my Grandpa was in maintenance, my Dad in charge of the construction and take-down of the stage each year, my Uncle in the pyrotechnics dept., and my brother and I were in the play in crowd scenes. It’s been years since then, but I’m still proud.

How my Brother once stated he wanted prosthetic extra thumbs. He sure loves his gaming…

How we’ve gone to a nearby Comic Con for the past 5 years together (along with a couple best friends of my brother and I who are basically family). 


Storm Trooper Zombie at Comic Con


How we once named one of our cats “Tribbles” after a Star Trek episode. 

How, for a number of years, my Dad’s system of waking everyone up on a Saturday morning was cranking the volume for the beginning of the Disney movie Cars – still one of his favourites.  And I do mean CRANKED.

That time we got a sign to hang above an archway in our house that says, “Normal is just a setting on the washing machine,” in a lopsided font. (I stinkin’ love that sign!)


And sure, there are also stories that aren’t so good, that are more morose or wince-inducing, but they’re sorely outnumbered by those that are awesome. We’re not perfect, but we sure do love each other!  *cheesiness intended* *cheesiness always intended*

I’ll be back in a couple weeks since I’ll finally on my vacay. If you need me, I’ll be playing Dutch Blitz with awesome people and sipping iced coffee in an air-conditioned space. And doing outside things too. Don’t worry.


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  1. Greetings from Dad
    Yes the good times should always outweigh the not so good, that’s a given we need to make happen. I love making good time memories with my family , Always.
    Good word Adina!!!

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