This is part of a series of posts of “Previously Published” writings that were a part of a collection produced in-house by my church, earlier in my writing life. For the prelude to this series, please see this page


I am weak and I fail, falter and fall,

But You always pick me up, gently dust me off, and help me over my seemingly insurmountable wall.


I am scorned and rejected; imperfect and broken,

Yet You search for me and love me while reminding me that I am a precious token.


I am a dinghy, tossed and turned and coming apart in worrisome and confusing waves,

And you are my anchor that assures and guides, and calms the storm and saves.


I am unfinished and coarse and act without thought,

But You nurture and teach, and remind me that I am paid for and bought.


I am a raincloud, refusing to relinquish my rain, instead retaining a dark countenance;

So You cause the Sun to shine on me and I can’t help but let it transform me and permeate my existence.


I make wrong choices and sometimes let thoughts nest when they should be discarded;

Then You reach into my mind once again, tidying things and making them straight and clean and once more guarded.


I am hasty and rash and trip when I try to go too fast,

But You are there and You catch me and hold me quietly while teaching me to be steadfast.


I am forgetful and doubtful, and I keep wandering off;

Still You find me and guide me home with Your hands – evidence of the cost.


I judge and I wound, and have a heart that is too many sizes too small,

Even so You love me still and help teach and stretch my heart to respond to Your call.


When others gaze into my waters I want them to see You reflected;

You help my river to sparkle with Love, Peace, Self Control, Gentleness, Joy, Goodness, Patience, Faithfulness, and Kindness so to You they will be directed.


November 22, 2012

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