So there’s this guy I follow, and I don’t mean in the creepy, stalker sense of the word either! In the social media sense of the word? Yes, definitely. Mostly, I mean in the way that when you see him, you know he’s the real thing and that wherever he goes, it’s going to be good. Like some youthful entrepreneur that keeps investing in all the right stocks, that steps into all the right meetings, that makes all the right deals. You know he’s going places and going to bring in a whopping big payoff. He’s that guy that is the “somebody” that makes or breaks an event with his presence. And he isn’t a scum bucket. Crazy, I know, yet not as ridiculous as you might think. He actually does care. Trust me, he’s legit.

How do I know? Well… one reason I know is because of the wooden sceptre he carries. It’s this real plain looking thing at first glance. I mean, it’s just wood; not as long as a staff, but not as short as a sceptre, either. Probably made of some solid spruce or fir. It’s pretty simple, yet it’s not. You can see evidence of this once you choose to look closer, once you decide you want to check it out for yourself. When you ask him if you can take a closer peek, he holds it out in front of you like it’s no big deal. But it is, because it’s a symbol of his power and authority. It’s not just anything.

It’s like how shepherds way-back-when always carried wooden staffs, central to their trade. They guided their sheep with them, they fought off wild animals and thieves and used it to bring their sheep closer to them. This wooden sceptre is that, and he uses it to do the same kinds of things.

Now, after he’s held it out in front of you (since you asked to take a better look at it), you see that, yes, it’s simple wood indeed, but through the whole thing there are intricate patterns and pictures. The top is particularly beautiful: it’s curved like a shepherd’s crook, and a small bunch of fresh and colourful wildflowers, bright greenery, and some feathers are tied along it. Looking at it, you get the feeling that he even takes care of the birds and the flowers…you think that’s a nice thought, but that’s all it is.

Stepping back, you acknowledge that it looks nice but once the flowers wither, it won’t look so nice anymore.

You’re about to turn away when a glint beneath the wildflowers and feathers turns your head back to it. You step closer again, parting the flowers with your fingers, and something starts to sparkle back at you like mad.

Holy crap. Is that a diamond?! 

Yes, yes it is.

Why on Earth would someone stick a diamond in a piece of old wood?!

Well, I did say it was a sceptre. Sceptres are usually pretty important things.

Well, that still doesn’t make any sense!

Yeah, he gets that a lot. There’s a lot of things I don’t get either, but that’s kind of half the fun, because I don’t have to understand all of it.


That’s the other part of his wooden sceptre. I mean, usually, only kings have sceptres. If someone has a sceptre and they’re not a king, well, then it’s not a sceptre. So, he’s a king. And this king, I trust him.

…well what if he’s not a king, so then it’s not actually a sceptre. It doesn’t really look like one…

It is, believe me. It’s a sceptre because when he lifts it and points it, when he uses it, things happen. Like when a King makes a decree, it’s carried out very promptly. People obey it. People trust it too, because a just king holds it. He uses it to protect and build up, to create a kingdom that won’t ever fall or fade. Things like that.

Hmmm…funny sceptre indeed.

I know, right?! It’s kind of awesome. There’s more power packed into that sceptre than all the superheroes you could dream of, and it can do more than guide proton torpedoes into the exhaust port and towards the reactor core of an evil, planet-destroying, space station.

You just made a Star Wars reference. And talked about superheroes.

Hmmm? Yeah. So?

Well, if we’re talking about who I think we’re talking about, isn’t that kind of…I don’t know, sacrilegious or something? 



Yup. I mean, so many of those things echo similar ideas: an other-worldly being wearing blue and red, fighting against evil, not giving in, and winning…a battle between good and evil, Light and Dark, with this mysterious “force” that guides them, with Light always winning in the end…good stuff.

Anyways. We were talking about the wooden sceptre. One last thing about that.


Well, if you believe in the power of that sceptre, in the one who holds it, and you choose to follow him, then you’re part of his kingdom. He’s got you covered in every way. He basically…adopts you. That’s a big thing for a king to do. I mean, that kind of stuff only happens in stories – paupers becoming princesses/princes.

…true. About the stories, I mean. 

I always liked those stories. Nobody, becoming somebody. The kind of story that made you wish you could be the protagonist – that you could be royalty. That you could be a somebody.

Well, I’m already a somebody.

Oh, I know. You are you! And it’s awesome! But…if you want to be royalty (and I don’t mean the kind who think they’re better than everyone else) then the King’s got to adopt you. Now, let me tell you a secret…


He’s already filled out the forms and signed them!

Isn’t that a bit reckless? Does he even realize what he’s signing up for? 

Yup, he knows. And sure, I guess you could call it reckless. But it’s not really, if he can handle it. Then I’d call it confident, passionate, definite, decisive, compelled.

Huh…but aren’t there, like, conditions, or something? There’s always fine print somewhere…

All he wants is for you to be part of his kingdom – to live there with him. He’s a pretty straight-forward guy. If you live in his kingdom, you do need to follow his rules, but they’re the kind that keep you safe. And when you do break them, there is always a way to come back from that. Honestly, he just really loves people. Like, a lot. Literally nothing could keep you away from his love.

There’s the fine print!

It’s actually large print, if anything.


Well, I’ve heard many of those things before…I’d want to see things for myself before I jump into anything. 

Alright, that’s fair. Then follow me.


  1. Greetings from Dad,
    Awesome writing Adina, you had me in the first paragraph and I had to keep reading. It peaked my interest. Great ideas, great story writing , I guess that’s what makes a great writer huh, ya I’m kinda biased, but that’s my job and that’s my girl. Thats what I’ll always do, encourage my kids, Always…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Great job Adina! Love the mix of aspects tied together so creatively. Using conversation, social media, Sci Fi, and fairy tales to tell a story of an unusual king and his sceptre is fun followed with hope. Nice.

    Liked by 1 person

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