Here I am,

open to you.

Here I’m planted,

ready to see it through.


Here we are,

so much passed.

Here my head rises,

Your love fully massed.


Here I dwell,

in Your house.

Here I’ll┬ástay,

but as no church mouse.


Here You are,

right beside me.

Here you are indeed,

and I go, “Golly gee!”



Here you go again,

making me flawless.

Here You went,

just once, sin demolished.


Here they are,

the ‘morrows promised.

Here You hold me,

utterly astonished.


Here are my words,

though I’m no Psalmist.

Here’s my heart,

with You, it’s calmest.


Here I vault,

over pitted traps.

Here we go,

ceasing all “Perhaps…”


Here we journey,

from Seoul to soul.

Here you lead,

making my life whole.


And there we’ll be,

me grey and You grinning.

There You’ll start

A new life beginning.


All because You said,

“Let’s go,” palms open.

And I responded,

“Yes, let’s,” fingers grasping.


October 21st, 2017

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