It’s something that builds and grows, this joy of mine.

Slowly and steady, like a turtle through time.


It layers and peels and layers some more,

as day to night to morn’, it builds its stores.


Its home was once a simple pocket,

transposed over time to a bucket.


From pocket to bucket to tub to closet

to room to floor to house to barn to rocket.

-it’s a secure deposit.


My choice gives it further breath and breadth,

So in need, I can draw from its depths.


That’s joy for you – a force to gently steamroll,

if you can first trust, then relinquish control.


It’s always good, even when its soil isn’t,

since its seed always works to bring fruition.


This joy is both leaven and anchor – isn’t that neat?

For how can a force do that in a single heartbeat?


He knows, for it’s His telltale Spirit and Truth,

that always returns us to our trustful youth.


This is joy: never diminishing but requiring unearthing.

And then comes choice, partnering with joy to keep rebirthing.


We each have a choice to rejoice,

so keep using that inner voice.

We can each rejoice in our choice,

so keep on sharing, strong in voice.


October 30th, 2017


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