Joyfully written for my church’s family Christmas production, but also for you. Enjoy. 

Now ponder this in your heart, those both near and far:

What majesty is here, swaddled in newborn art!

Millennia ago, a Christmas package arrived,

From a wondrous beyond; a history long contrived.

The One, the only, He sent us something Holy:

Him who meets all the hopes and fears of all our years.

Nestled in scratchy hay, sleeping in a cow’s bowl,

One could easily miss the One who has all control.

Even as those left and right murkily wash our sight,

And call each year the worst, most deteriorated…

They miss the best, the brightest – His pure kingdom at work!

Prophets greatly tell of Immanuel, “God with us,”

The One to branch the gap, the One angels say of, “Hark!”

He was delivered to deliver, to bring the best.

So stand up, rise tall, and set your face: you are handiwork!

We were drawn in hope, blueprinted then minted, to be free!

Your life, your reason, all that comes in every season,

He swaddles as a Father, as the First and the Last.

The solution to all, both dark and light,

Is right before us, within our kept sight.

Here I gently share, this decreed and giftable joy,

That since our Saviour’s inception,

There is no person, place or thing,

He won’t employ

To make His love certain.

December 5th, 2017

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